Saturday, March 5, 2011

Which of these Bridges is Stone?

Ed and I drove out to Frederick today, about 45 minutes west of us. We checked out some bathroom vanities for our basement bathroom, and while we were we stopped to see the painted bridge. The town has a cute riverfront with brick walkways on both sides. Several bridges cross the river. One is painted to look like stone, and one is stone. Which is which?

It's really hard to tell the difference! After we get the basement finished we should hire an artist to paint the cement culvert on our property to look just like the fake rock bridge.I wonder if the Frederick bridge painter is available...


  1. I think the bridge Ed is standing on is real and the one with two arches is painted.

  2. Verlene, as always, is correct! The painted one is so pretty it gives it away!

  3. I guessed right too! It does look so pretty!