Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I See the Light!

The boys finally cut through the window! This window took so long to cut open! It almost made me think I'm underpaying my contractor! Iit makes a huge difference in the basement. We now have light! I love it!

It will be nice not to have all that pounding underneath me when I'm working in the study. I had my first Skype date with my new German friend, Lissy, yesterday. If it wasn't hard enough having a meaningful conversation in German, add a sledge hammer to the mix! I had to go in the dining room and use my netbook! Lissy was so nice to talk to me in German for an entire hour. It made me realize just how miserable Amanda is going to be in a week. I understood most of the conversation. I had so much I wanted to say, but it took me so long to form sentences, that many of my scintillating ideas went unexpressed! 


  1. I'm excited for your German skills to gain momentum! Just think how good you will be in a year!