Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rocks,Sticks, Wood and Ice Cream

Ed and I had a very full Saturday.  Ed got out his tractor and spread weed and feed on the lawn while I picked up sticks in the copse. Then, Ed broke out his chain saw and cut some of the dead wood, which we added to our stick pile.

In the afternoon I went rock collecting to get some nice big rocks for my second stream bed (drainage). Ed brought John Iroanya over to the house to work with him on John's Pinewood Derby car. John's brother Isaiah and friend Justin tagged along. This was great for me, as I ended up getting two great helpers to load and unload rocks from the car.

We rolled and dragged the rocks to the bottom of the hill (on the right). You can see the giant pile of sticks and wood on the left.

Ed and John finished cutting out the car, and John took some sandpaper home to smooth out the car during the week.

Coda enjoyed (?) having some boys to play with in the afternoon.

After all that hard work we rewarded the boys with a trip to Dairy Queen before we took them home. Ed and I were pretty sore the next day. I wonder if Isaiah and Justin were feeling it!


  1. Who needs a personal trainer when you have rocks to move?

  2. It doesn't get any better than making pine wood derby cars with kids. What a great day:)