Monday, March 28, 2011

The Drywallers are Here

Now that the basement is all framed and wired, the drywallers have arrived. It is amazing to think two men can hang 100 sheets of drywall in a day! But they are well on their way! The picture has spots all over from the dust in the air. You can't see it, but the camera  flash reflects off it!

One of the men did his work on stilts all day. It gives him sort of an ominous look. (Don't mess with a drywall man!) The regular contractors will return on Wednesday to start tiling the bathroom!


  1. If you leave Coda down their too long, he'll turn white!

  2. It is amazing that two men could hang 100 sheets in a day. When we did our basement it took four men to hang 40 sheets (we did not have to replace the bedroom walls). Then the next day four different guys showed up to mud. Happy you were able to find two talented souls to drywall your basement, its looking great.