Thursday, March 3, 2011

Basement Begins

The "clubbing" begins. That's Maryland for finishing the basement! It was exciting to see the Home Depot truck deliver a load of 2x4s, drywall and doors this morning.

Billy Ray (here with Coda helping him) called me at 7 a.m. yesterday to tell me he was outside the house with a giant truck waiting to unload its supplies. 

Alex and Henry built up a lot of muscles bringing in all the wood and drywall. 
Roberto got started knocking a hole in the wall for the new windows.

Meanwhile, upstairs the band played on to the rhythm of the hammers below. Okay, we mostly talked and ate lunch, but we did play for a least an hour! Mary, (on the left) who has plenty to do taking care of Grandpa, still wanted to make lunch for us all.  She made us crab salad and her famous sausage rolls. This made us all very happy!


  1. And the columns still look nice :)

  2. Cool! Now you will have something to web log about. I agree with Joan the columns turned out real nice. Billy Ray does good work. You are lucky to have found a contractor you can trust.