Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Gotta Have a Fiddler in the Band

The Black Eyed Susans raised their musical abilities exponentially today when they added Helen Stanger to the band. She's not really a fiddler, as she plays the viola! Just like the rest of the band she has to learn a new instrument. Fortunately, she's touched a violin before, and she sounded great! We were cooking today! We had an especially great time on Soldier's Joy! 
We were also lucky to have Lynsey (Kaylene's daughter) and her friend Megan come by for band practice today. We gave them a couple of ukuleles and they fit right in.

Kaylene was so happy to be back on the bodhran. She willingly surrendered her uke for the chance to drum again. We found out that Cindy's special way with Coda may not all be personal charm. She's been slipping her (inadvertently or advertently, I don't know) a life saver now and then! Our dog's affections can apparently be bought!

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