Friday, March 11, 2011

That's a Lot of Water

It rained about 3 inches yesterday. That was a lot of water, but fortunately, none of it came in the house. Ed was home sick, but still took a few minutes to dig around the septic garden to make sure none of the water pooled on top of it.

The platform for the air conditioners proved to be out of the path of the water as it wended its way into the back yard.

The water came precariously close to the basement door, then took a turn to the left, where it joined the stream from the culvert at the top of the yard.

Then, it went off into the forest, making my little dry stream bed into a raging rivulet. As night set, we sent the dog outside occasionally to see if it was letting up. When she finally came back dry, we knew the worst was over. We felt like Noah in the ark. Coda was our dove.


  1. Poor Coda, she probably never even knew she was being used.

  2. Oh, poor Coda. I always felt bad for the dove too.