Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Jersey Family History Trip

Ed and I went to New Jersey to do a little family history yesterday. Our purpose was to get obituaries for his great-grandparents and find their hometowns in Germany. Our secondary purpose was to take Ed's new car for a spin and see how it did.

We stopped the New Cemetery in Somerville and visited the graves of all four of his great-grandparents. Ed was named for his grandfather, Edward Haring (flat stone to the right and rear of great-grandfather Balthazar).

 We then moved on to the Bridgewater Library to look at microfilm of obituaries. We were successful in finding obituaries for Balthazar Haring, Francis Haring and Wilhelmina Wiedemer.

We knew Ed's grandfather was a barber, but we found out through Balthazar's obit, that Edward Haring was a "tonsorial artist." That must have been the kind of barber that also removed tonsils! We like to think he was really a sort of primitive doctor!

On the way home we stopped to eat at Mastori's in Bordentown, NJ. The Halsey's had recommended we have dinner there. They won me over the minute they brought out the cinammon and cheese breads! It was a great way to wind up the day!

Although we got more information through the obituaries (accurate death dates), we are still left wondering where these three ancestors lived in Germany. Our secondary purpose was more successful. Ed's new Audi averaged 33 MPG, despite spending an hour of the trip crawling on the freeway on the way home!


  1. Great way to take the Audio to the open road. Those sandwiches look delicious.