Monday, July 25, 2016


Ed and I waited hopefully this morning for the moving crew to arrive. Then we waited some more.

They showed up about 9 with three men and a tiny little woman. They only had a half a truck to unload, so we thought they might finish earlier than last week, but it took the entire day!

It turned out to be the most stressful day yet. Broken dishes, scuffed furniture, missing hardware to assemble furniture... The list goes on and on. To top it off, my organ doesn't even play a note!

Luckily, Brittany came up and spent the afternoon with me unloading kitchen items. We were afraid they wouldn't fit in my new cupboards.

It turns out everything fit, and we went to bed with a clean bar tonight!

Extra shout out to Ed, who was so nice to the workmen despite our constant aggravation! He was amazing! I was very proud of him! It was a good thing one of us was in control!

We still have tons to do in the next few months,  but at least we can do the rest ourselves!

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