Thursday, July 21, 2016

Home and Family

We have learned a lot on this trip. One of them is you can take your dog inside Home Depot. Coda, of course. loved it! Every time we buy a new house we start shopping in earnest at Home Depot!

Back at the house we resumed opening and sorting boxes. there is a shocking amount of boxes to go through!

We took a short break when my sister, Annette dropped by with her daughter Lyndsie and her two granddaughters. It was fun showing them the house. Miriam and Sophie were more interested in the dog!

We went over to Brittany's house for dinner and Ed got Mabel laughing her head off! Brittany said she was crabby before we got there, but it was hard to believe!

After dinner we got to see Mabel walking around the living room with her old lady type walker. What will they think of next? It was so great, and it made her feel very proud of herself to walk back and forth between Grandpa and me. We enjoyed it as much as she did!

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