Monday, July 11, 2016

Moving Day is a Lot of Work

Today was moving day. We got a late start, as the crew didn't show up till noon! Fortunately, the weather was dry and sunny!

The crew from Exclusive van lines was hoping to finish the job in one day, and they might have if they had started at 8!

It was exhausting watching them wrap every item of furniture and box up everything! We had done a lot of work before they came, but, it turned out, there was a lot of work left!

Ed ran over to Hawaiian shave ice and got us some slushes--our last fix before we leave town.

Suzanne is not only letting us sleep in her very fancy guest room tonight, but she also brought us a delicious and healthy dinner. We were feeling the love!

By 10:30 the crew left. We had filled up one 53 foot truck and one 28 foot truck. They are going to fill part of a third truck tomorrow. We're cautiously optimistic that tomorrow they'll be done by 10 a.m. We'll be following them with a vacuum and broom and hope to leave town shortly thereafter!

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