Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Silver Linings

We had an adventure this morning getting a new tire for the Mini. Nobody in the state of Kentucky or West Virginia had a run flat tire in stock. We eventually drove to WV to pick up a tire the same size that is does not serve as a run flat. This means if I get another flat on that one we're up a creek. Hopefully, we'll eventually find someone that can replace the temporary tire. Since the Mini has no spare, it's like running on your spare till you get the tire fixed.

The upside, was we stayed in a Quality Inn that had a giant jacuzzi tub! Nothing like soaking in a hot bath to make you think all is right with the world!

We got to drive across the Ohio river twice to get the new tire. The pretty blue and green bridges were east and west lanes.

We found the Brady Cemetery, north of Texas, Kentucky. It was not easy to find, so I'm going to make a post to help someone else locate it. We walked in the hot sun for an hour looking for it. Happily, we got our 10,000 steps today!

Because of the flat tire, we ended up having the opportunity to overnight in Bardstown, KY and see the Stephen Foster Musical. I got to hear all my favorite songs, Ring, Ring the Banjo, Oh, Susannah, Hard Times, Come Again no More, Way Down Upon the Swanne River, I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Masssas in the Cold, Cold Ground, Old Black Joe and more.

Unfortunately, it started to rain at the end, and thunder and lightening eventually pushed the cast off the stage (and us out of the seats). We'll never know if Stephen Foster married his Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair, or if he ever wrote his great plantation song, My Old Kentucky Home!

Happily, we got back to the General Nelson Inn a little earlier to comfort Coda, who was cowering under the furniture. She really hates thunder and lightning! We got some grateful cuddles from her before bed!

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