Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Last Weight Watchers

Yesterday was my last Weight Watchers meeting in Sykesville. I met a lot of nice people there. It was fun having another Judy there, as well! My Judy friend has lost 50 pounds and I lost 40. She joined about 7 months after I did, and it was fun seeing her come back every week working hard and experiencing success.

We met in the Optimist hall, which while although being very convenient, was not famous for its acoustics! Our lecturer, Deb, did a fantastic job of getting us to share our successes as well as our struggles during the meetings. The group of ladies was so welcoming that you felt like you'd let them down if you didn't show up every week!

Notice Deb's Daisy Duke shorts (foreground) that she brought to the meeting this week. She wore them in college and they are too big for her now!

I wonder if there is another group of Weight Watching ladies as nice in Utah!


  1. It is wonderful to share common ground with others who know the struggle which can sometimes seem very lonely. Thank you for your reflection about our Tuesday morning Weight Watcher group. There is such a supportive spirit among the members, and you will be sorely missed. But now that I know where to "follow" you, I will check in often. Wishing you a safe journey, Deb

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