Monday, July 18, 2016

New Home Owners

We are now the owners of a beautiful, new home in Alpine Utah. The realtor and the title company met us there there morning, and we signed a couple of papers, and it was ours!

 It has a beautiful view of the valley from the front porch.

And a beautiful view of the mountain behind.

Coda didn't know what to think of it. She was happy just to follow Ed and me around wherever we went.

We had lunch while we waited for the movers to show up. They did not show up. When we called them they said they would come tomorrow. It might have been nice to know in advance!

Since the movers didn't come, we decided to go down to City Hall and sign up for our utilities. It had a cute small town feel, and they even gave us a welcome bag with goodies inside it!

We drove to Walmart, where Ed said, "Look, there is our moving van!" Sure enough, Victor, our Latvian driver was biding his time in the parking lot. He promised to bring a crew of guys to unload tomorrow morning!

In the evening we dropped by to see Mabel, who is getting bigger and more clever every time we see her!

We enjoyed dinner together with Brittany and Mabel at a Mexican restaurant that had an outdoor patio (for Coda).

Ed says it feels like he is visiting, and we will be going home soon. Maybe when our furniture shows up it will feel like home!

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