Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Goodbye House!

Goodbye Maryland house that we have loved! It has been 6 and a half wonderful years. We're smiling here because we're finished packing and cleaning. But, believe me, we've shed a few tears to leave this house!

We brought Coda back to the house after spending the night with the Rigbys. She ran around looking for the furniture. She's thinking, "How can we live with no stuff?"

The team from Exclusive brought 5 guys to finish the job this morning. The load came out to almost exactly two 53' trailers. No one should have that much junk!

Thanks to team Halsey, who came with a vacuum and a broom, we were finished cleaning and  ready to hit the road by noon.

Poor Coda became even more confused to spend the afternoon and evening in the car! She had a nice view from her perch in the backseat. I'm driving the Mini, and Coda is with me. Ed is driving his luxury car, the Genesis!

We stopped for dinner at a hot dog stand in Flatwood, West Virginia, the land of Coda's birth. She wouldn't eat her dog food, but thankfully the nice girl at the counter brought her a nice ice cream with peanut butter on it.

We made it to Ashland, Kentucky, where we're spending the night--and maybe longer. I hit a pothole and got a flat tire in the Mini. So, tomorrow we'll have an adventure trying to find a specialty tire in a small town.

Ed was so nervous about moving. I told him to stop worrying. What could possibly go wrong! It turns out plenty!

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