Saturday, July 9, 2016

Treading with the Halseys

Mark and Mary invited us to take a break from packing this afternoon and join them at the South Carroll Swim club. It was our first and last time to go there, so we were glad we squeeked it in before our big move. It has two nice pools and is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere! It was hot enough that we appreciated the opportunity to cool off in the water. We joined them in their favorite pass time --treading water!

Mary made us dinner, to boot! We thiught she was super woman. She did all that as well as drive over and pick up two of their grandchildren to watch while their brother had his appendix removed.

Mark gave Ed some hints on how to enjoy retirement,  as he retired several months before Ed.  Keeping up with 15 grandchildren is not going to be one of Ed's problems!

Maybe we can find a nice place to take the Halseys treading when they visit us in Utah!

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