Saturday, July 30, 2016

Horse Flats Hike

Brittany and John invited us to join them on their Saturday hike today. They're trying to see how many trails they can try out. It turns out there are a lot to choose from!

We went to Horse Flats in the Alpine Loop of American Fork Canyon today. We did the loop ending back at the Summit Trailhead.

It was nice hike with a lot of wildflowers alongside the trail. It was not too steep, so we enjoyed that.

The trial was also lined with abundant aspen trees that provided occasional shade.

It led through a very pretty open meadow with some nice mountain vistas.

We took a break for water and snacks about half way through. We learned that Mabel loves dill pickles!

Ed carried Mabel on the way out. She was a great hiker and loved reaching out to grab plants as we walked by. 

We enjoyed feeling the ice cold water coming out of the pipe at Horseshoe springs.

I'd rate the hike 4 dusty hiking shoes out of 5. It was not crowded, quite lovely, well defined, with a good destination. 

Fitbit steps earned: 7600!

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