Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Visiting the Brady Cemetery in Texas, Kentucky

We, wanted to stop by to visit the graves of Thomas Brady and Elizabeth Bailey Brady on our way to Utah. They are the parents of Lindsay A. Brady, who joined the LDS church in Kentucky and went west , eventually ending up in Utah.

We had some rough instructions of how to find the cemetery, which were go south from Mackville, KY on the Texas road for 4 1/2 miles. Park, and look to the right over a ridge. You'll see the cemetery from the top of the rise slightly to the right in a stand of trees.

After wandering around in a farmer's fields for an hour we were lucky to finally get help from a local named Chad Warner, who knew exactly where it was! We parked by this fence (this is facing south, and the car is facing north).

Look to the right from the fence at a rise in the topography. Climb that rise!

From the top of the rise you can see the cemetery nestled in the trees!

We enjoyed the beauty of the place and reading the names on the stones. Ed and I are standing by the stones for Thomas and Elizabeth.

We pinned our GPS location to help the next happy travelers. See the pin at

If the link doesn't work, the GPS coordinates from Google are: 37.682885,-85.087584! Let me know if this helps you find it someday!

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