Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tired of Tires

Ed said our trip to Zion has been fraught with hardship, just like the pioneers. We've been tested today. Here we are fake smiling at the third tire store of the day!

Our planned nine hour trip from Bardstown, KY to Topeka, Kansas was derailed in Indiana when my new tire (from yesterday) hit a pipe and got a flat. We tried to fill it up at three gas stations before we were able to get enough air to limp to a tire store!

We were lucky to find a Goodrich store in the middle of a cornfield in a small town called Bretzville.

Two very accommodating young men patched it up for us and sent us off to the big city to get the run flat tire we tried to get the day before.

We spent a couple of hours cooling our heels at the Mini dealer in St. Louis, and came out with a brand new tire! We were ready to hit the road, with high hopes of arriving early enough in our hotel to hit the hot tub!

A half hour later, Ed's Genesis picked up a bolt and forced us to look for another tire dealer!

Happily, we found a Firestone dealer in Lake St. Louis who had our name in the system (from Tuesday). They patched his tire and sent us on our not so merry way!

We arrived in Topeka at 10 p.m. central time, too tired to put on our bathing suits, and hopeful that the last of our tire troubles is over!

Some day this will be a funny story, but not today!

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  1. Can't believe you have had so many tire problems. Hope that's the end of them. Safe trip the rest of the way