Friday, July 29, 2016

Don't Move with Exclusive Van Lines

I don't like to post negative things on my blog, but in an effort to help the next unsuspecting person the pain we've been through, I would like to post a few pictures of the aftermath of our move with Exclusive Van Lines.

We moved from Maryland to Utah. We had one 53 foot truck and two thirds of a second truck. The first truck was a direct load and delivery with moderate damage. The second was loaded into smaller trucks, transported to the warehouse and then loaded into a larger truck.

We never knew when the packers or movers would show up. We were not notified when the truck would arrive, and when we called and got information it was erroneous. Some items were well packed (we paid for a full pack), and others were stuck in a box carelessly with no padding.

Our beautiful dining room china cabinet and hutch were both scuffed up on all the corners. 

Our entertainment center was scratched in the removal of the top section.

We are missing countless shelves and shelf hardware.

We are still missing a 4 foot by 8 foot pegboard and a 4 inch memory foam queen mattress topper. We may be missing many other items as well. In addition to the broken china and artwork, there are rubber stoppers missing on our mini-trampolines. The rubber bar cover to the trampoline was slashed. One TV doesn't work. One set of speakers, packed on the bottom of a box with no padding, also does not work anymore. 

The set of three Chinese musicians was laying, unprotected at the bottom of a box. We managed to transport them all the way from China without breaking a thing. They lost a head an arm and an instrument in our latest move. It was heartbreaking. Here are a few pictures. We'll be filing a claim, but I'm sure it won't make up for the emotional damage we've suffered throughout this ordeal! And, sadly, we have not opened every box yet. There is a high probability of more heartache to come!

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