Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Moving in Day

We met our van driver at the new house this morning at 7 a.m. We were raring to get starting moving in!

Ed got the not so coveted job of checking off every item and box by number as it rolled into the garage!

It was fun watching the house slowly come together with a few furnishings. But, it was also exhausting. We got 20,000 steps from just working around the house.

We had 4 hard working boys helping us today. When we couldn't find the dog, we occasionally found her hanging with the workers on their break.

Thank heavens Ed is retired and had the time and patience to copy his forms for Victor and sign each page of the inventory list.

Brittany and Mabel dropped by after work to see how we were doing! It made us remember why we're doing this!

Mabel had a good time playing with a discarded tape roll!

Mabel was also very interested in Coda, but Coda did her best to steer clear of Mabel.  Mabel is crawling really well now, but she couldn't keep up with a dog on the run!

We're back at Grandma's tonight, taking a break from moving in. We hope to stay in our new house later this week if the second van with the beds shows up!

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