Friday, July 15, 2016

In the Dog House

Coda finally got to meet her doggie cousins today--Brandy and Holly. It took Ed, Crystal and Verlene to corral them into getting their picture together!

We arrived in Denver about 4 p.m., with NO FLAT TIRES today! It was an uneventful, but happy trip across Kansas and eastern Colorado.

We had fun visiting with Crystal and Verlene and Paul. We're trying to talk Verlene and Paul into retiring to Utah. They're sending us out ahead to see if we like it first!

Paul made dinner for us, and it was great having a real meal after eating out of our car for 3 days. Having a dog on your travels complicates eating out!

Coda hasn't eaten a lick of dog food since we left home, so Aunt Verlene gave her some moist and yummy canned dog food, which she ate right up. She might want to stay here rather than follow us to Utah!

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