Thursday, July 28, 2016

Four Tender Mercies

We had four minor miracles yesterday, starting with the Murphy's Oil Soap. My mom had suggested using it to clean my kitchen table. It had an oily grunge feel to the top of it, and I'd tried everything (except Murphy's oil soap). It cleaned up beautifully in just minutes! I'm so happy! Now we don't have to buy a new table! Thanks, Mom!

Number two, was having our financial adviser, Tim, drop by with his family to help us move a piano, table, chairs and filing cabinet to Brittany and John's house. He fit it all into his pickup! That's what I call a full service professional! Thanks, Tim!

Three: The Young Women's presidency dropped by with a spaghetti dinner with salsa fresh from the stove made by the Young Women of the ward. Considering we still haven't gone grocery shopping, this was truly a welcome gift. We enjoyed visiting with them and learning more about our new ward, as well.

Thanks Young Women!

Four: the miracle of Sub-Zero ice cream. Ed had never seen them freeze the ice cream with liquid nitrogen. It was mysterious and delicious at the same time.

It was a nice treat for Ed and me after a long day of hard work in which Ed connected my computer and helped me set up my study.

Thanks, Ed!

Just in case you think everything is hunkey dorey in Happy Valley, there were some disappointments as well. I have to think of them as mere dust in the wind!

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